Rubber Glue for Gym Flooring
Rubber Glue for Gym Flooring
Rubber Glue for Gym Flooring

Rubber Glue for Gym Flooring

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Rubber gym floor glue is suitable for gym flooring applications and astroturf speed track. Our adhesives are polyurethane based, polyurethane adhesives are very strong and durable also against outdoor weather conditions. We have special flexibility additives in our adhesives so they are flexible like rubber flooring and artificial turf.


Application of Gym Floor Glue

Gym floor glue is a special 2 component adhesive, you have to pour the component B ( which is hardener ) to component A and mix it well minimum for 10 minutes. After mixing you can start the application. You have to finish the application within 45 minutes because after 45 minutes chemical reaction will start and the adhesive will start to harden.

You can use a trowel to make the application and please use gloves during mixing and application. The application has to be done at minimum 10 degrees Celsius.

Watch our application video on Youtube for gym flooring rolls with the same way you can apply for astroturf speed track. Rubber glue is water-based so it is safe for human health.

Packings 24 kgs

For rubber flooring applications we advise 1 kg adhesive for 1 square meter

For astroturf speed track applications we advise applying fully with adhesives to the base floor ( 0,90 – 1,00 kg / m2 )