Luna Series Gym Floor Mats 30 mm
Luna Series Gym Floor Mats 30 mm
Luna Series Gym Floor Mats 30 mm
Luna Series Gym Floor Mats 30 mm
Luna Series Gym Floor Mats 30 mm

Luna Series Gym Floor Mats 30 mm

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Luna series 30mm is gym floor mats 

Suitable to use as gym mats for gym and fitness flooring.

Click Here for 20mm thickness or here for 40mm thickness

Gym floor mats are 50cm x 50cm. 4 tiles make one square meter.

Thickness is 30mm and suitable to use as free weight flooring, weightlifting flooring and crossfit gym flooring

Safe Gym Floor Mats

Gym floor mats are an environmentally friendly floor covering, because of being recycled and rebuilt production made from non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. There are no contaminations like metals, stones, other plastic materials so it is safe for skin to touch.  Luna series 30mm are metal-free gym tiles.

Gym tiles are only in black colour. 

When you decide to buy cheap gym flooring mats for your gym please ask your supplier about the density. Lower density products are not strong enough so you have to renew the floor within a short period. Luna gym tiles have high density 950 kg/m3.

Gym Floor Mats Application Guide

You can use rubber glue or dowels provided to fix gym tiles to the base floor but be sure that if you have a flat base floor then you will a better final vision.

Luna series are guaranteed against cracking for 3 years.

Technical Data Gym Floor Mats

Bulk density Approx. 950 kg/m3 density gym floor mats

Ultimate tensile strength (N/mm2) 1.38 (DIN 53455)

Force reduction >10-18%, depending on material thickness

Temperature stability -30° C to +80° C

in Testing condition -120° C and for short periods up +300° C

Linear thermal expansion coeff. 23.1*10-5/°C +3.4% (DIN 53752)

Thermal conductivity 0.17 W/(mK) EN 12667

Fire behavior (normal inflammable; B2) EN 13501

Sound improvement Approx.18 dB to 23 dB; depending on the construction

Anti-slip property Class R 10 DIN 51130 Class DS (safer!) EN 14041

Electrical properties -0.7 kV (antistatic)

Vapour diffusion Vapour permeable

Max lifting weight for waist height lifting: 150kg

Chemical behaviour Resistant to water, numerous diluted acids and alkaline solutions; chemically neutral; UV-resistant.(EN423)

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